Media Guard

Are you frustrated by the limitations of the new WordPress media player when it comes to sharing your Amazon S3 content? The Media Guard plugin solves that problem by allowing you to embed your Amazon S3 protected media and also allows you to seamlessly brand your player by customizing it with built in themes, color options and images. With only a few clicks you can easily share anything you host on Amazon S3 with the Media Guard plugin.


  • Embed Protected Content

    Easily embed and connect your protected Amazon S3 content from within the Media Guard settings tab. You can also set a link expiration time here and customize an expiration message for your users.

  • Use Links or Buttons

    You can decide how you want to link to your content by choosing to use either plain links or choose from a variety of buttons to match your site. Media Guard makes this customization simple and easily changeable.

  • Customized Media Player

    The Media Player Settings tab allows you to easily control the default behavior of the audio and video player. You can choose from three different video skins and also customize the player with different colors.

  • Shortcode Builder in Editor

    Easily embed your content by using the shortcode builder right in the WordPress editor. Never again worry about memorizing shortcodes!

  • Play Unprotected Media

    Media Guard also allows you to easily embed unprotected audio and video just by checking the public file checkbox.

Plugin Details

Current version: 1.2.4

Requirements: WordPress 3.9 and up

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