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Why Us

It's simple. We've been developing with WordPress since 2004. We know what we're doing and we understand the online marketing landscape. As actively practicing marketers, we know all about its unique demands.

The plugins we create are either created for our own need or built from a wishlist we have been fortunate enough to be shared with us by other practicing marketers.

Besides being active marketers, we are also competent developers. We get what's going on under the hood of WordPress and we can actually code a plugin from scratch.

Beyond Customer Service

We believe support should come from competent people. What this means to you:

You can rest assured that we have the knowledge and skill to fix things

You can rely on us to maintain our plugins and not leave you with a stagnant software that you'll outgrow in a short time

You know we are in this with you long term. You won't find plugins developed for pennies and sold for a quick profit.

You can be assured we care about the effect of our plugins on your site

Generous Yet Simple Licensing

We love WordPress and aim to be compatible with WordPress' license. There are no confusing, expensive Developer Licenses.

All our plugins come with 6 months of free updates at time of purchase. After 6 months, you can purchase another term of updates or not.

Use the plugins on your site or your clients' sites indefinitely. When we release new updates past your support term and you feel you want the latest version, just purchase a support pack.

No recurring payments and no expensive up front investments.